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Who Are Our Members

Any forest management enterprise, primary and secondary processors, manufactures and pulp and paper makers, traders, retailers, end-user entities of forest products, and public businesses as the independent entity are welcomed to join us, if they are eligible by:

Agreeing to the Charter of China Responsible Forest Product Trade and Investment, and strictly abiding by all rules and regulations;

Committing to instituting responsible forest product procurement policy, and capable of providing legal or sustainable forest products guaranteed as well with legality verification or forest certification or joining related environmental protection initiatives;

Assuming corporate social responsibility and complying with national laws and regulations concerning health and safety.

Complying with national laws and regulations in relation to environmental protection and holding related certificates or the third-party verification report as per legislative requirements;

Committing to complying with local laws and regulations relative to forestry, environment and society as the enterprises investing overseas, and carrying out legality verification or forest certification if necessary;

Cooperating proactively with the Administration Division of the Alliance to meet the requirements over eligibility review, investigation and policy support;

Paying on time the annual membership fee in proportion with enterprises size.

Members also enjoy the due rights:

Showcasing and marketing their green forest products in the RFA website;

Participating in the capacity building activities organized by the Alliance;

Accessing to the resources developed by the Alliance, including the market news, legality tools/templates, certification consultation and other services provided;

Enquiring wood supplier(s) meeting responsible requirements using the database;

Priority right to enjoy other services provided by the Alliance;

Right to recommendation and supervision over the work of the Alliance;

Enjoying the freedom to join and quit the Alliance;

Submitting through the Alliance policy recommendations or industry development report to relevant competent authorities for the purpose of solving the problems and challenges faced by the enterprise or the whole sector.