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What are your benefits

Members of China RFA are eligible for the following benefits in accordance with the membership level.

Priority status to be promoted

Getting a member’s exclusive number and registered member certificate of China RFA

Using the logo of China RFA

Included in the database of China responsible forest enterprises and products

Direct access to international market

Chance to contact potential customers from partner overseas association/federation;

Exclusive right to upload the product supply-demand information on China RFA website

Right to search for the suppliers with low-risk supply chain and information provided through the China RFA database.

Status to be recommended by RFA to domestic and overseas suppliers/customers.

Information service and technical advice

First right to have the tools/templates developed by China RFA for achieving timber legality;

Provided with up-to-date market and legality news, events and supply chain information;

Exclusive right to have customized service and support from China RFA for forest certification, timber legality, supply chain management, due diligence system, forest product market, policy advice, etc.

Legality capcity building activities and policy recommendations

First right to participate in the events organized by China RFA or related partners, including seminar, forum, and training.

Opportunity to have direct communication with government policy-makers for problems faced by the sector.