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The Training Session about Promoting Legal and Sustainable Investment and Trade in China-Africa Fore

In order to establish the exchange platform for policy and regulation and improve the health development of China-Africa forest product trade, the CINFT of SFA held the training session about promoting legal and sustainable investment and trade in China-Africa forestry on November 30th in Zhangjiagang. As organizer, the Zhangjiagang Timber Industry Association (ZTIA) provided great support.

Zhangjiagang is the largest hub for broad-leaved wood import in China. There are nearly 4,000 enterprises work on import and export trade about forest product, and majority of them have been establishing trade relations in Africa. Withe the help of ZTIA, there are 30 enterprises which have been trade with African country about wood business for long time were attended this training session.

The experts from Department of Development Planning and Assets Management and CINFT of SFA gave presentations on this conference, which the content includes "Going out" policy, CITES new rules, policy about China-Africa timber trade and investment, and requirement and countermeasures of international market timber legality. Meanwhile, enterprises provided many feedback about issues caused by policy change, and they indicated that international and domestic policy change would have great impact on them, especially on foreign trade and investment behavior. The new guiding ideology, such as “green development” and “building a community of shared future”, suggested in the 19th CPC National Congress has made higher requests for overseas investment and trade. The enterprises expected to improve trade and investment practices and enhance competitiveness with the assistance of government, scientific research institution, and industrial association in the futurn. Also, they wanted to make contribution to legal and sustainable timber trade.

Translated from Center for International Forest Products Trade