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Research by the Chinese Academy of Forestry analyses China’s timber imports

Timber from tropical countries and North American timber are mainly transported by sea to China.Zhangjiagang port in Jiangsu Province is the largest port of entry for tropical timber from Malaysia, Gabon and Papua New Guinea. After landing, the timber is purchased locally by wholesalers, and then transported to the secondary wholesale or retail market by truck or ship.

Timber from New Zealand, Vietnam, Brazil and ASEAN countries mainly enter China through Guangxi Province. As required by the Canadian government, timber from Canada can only enter China through Caofeidian port in Hebei Province according to CAF’s research.

Most imported timber transported by truck enter China through border ports in Yunnan Province. For example, timber imported from Myanmar enter China through Ruili border.Timber from Russia are mainly transported by rail. Russian logs or sawn timber mainly enterChina through Manzhouli, Erlianhaote and Suifenhe border ports.40% of Russian timber enters China through Manzhouli. Currently, Russian timber is mainly distributed by rail in China.

The Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) researched the sources and the transportation routes of China’s timber imports. Findings reveal that timber imports follow different routes into China depending on the source country.

Source:Chinese Academy of Forestry